Can I Get In-House Used Car Financing?

Looking for in-house car financing in the greater Minot area? Here at Ideal Auto, we are happy to provide Bismarck and Williston area drivers such as yourself with a wide range of automotive financing options. Wondering if we’re currently providing in-house financing? Give us a call at 701-833-5995. Otherwise, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about in-house financing and how it differs from other types of car financing! Did you know that we’re your premier used-only dealership in greater Bismarck? Keep reading to learn more.

What is In-House Financing When Buying a Car?

If you’ve ever compared buying vs. leasing, ten you know that automotive financing comes in all different types. Buying entails paying off a vehicle’s cost, plus interest. Leasing involves paying off a portion of a vehicle’s value for a predetermined period, at the end of which, you return the vehicle. But there’s also in-house financing — a specific type of financing when purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle

What you may not know is that many dealership finance centers work with a variety of local lenders to do the legwork of getting you approved for the best loan, working as a middleman. On the other hand, used car lots with in-house financing provide the loan directly, without ever needing to get a third party involved! Since dealers with in-house financing can work around the restrictions typically imposed by banks and other lenders, this means they have more control over the terms of the loan. Often, they can offer bad credit financing as well as more flexible financing options. Want to see what type of financing you can get approved for with Ideal Auto? Apply online now!

Why Should You Choose In-House Financing for Used Cars?

Why should you opt for in-house financing for used cars? If you have low credit or no credit, you can have a better chance of getting approved at an in-house financing dealership. That’s not the only reason to choose a used car lot with in-house financing, though. Here are some other compelling reasons:

  • When you choose used car in-house financing near Williston or Stanley, you can get everything you need in one place.
  • When the dealership can lend to you directly, you’ll enjoy an easier, quicker approval process.
  • Budgeting can become a whole lot easier when you can go over insurance options and extended warranties at the same time that you apply for a loan.

Have you explored the reasons for purchasing pre-owned vs. new? They’re just as compelling as the reasons to choose a dealer with in-house financing vs. bank financing. Namely, used cars:

  • Are lasting longer every year
  • Are almost always cheaper than new cars
  • Depreciate less than new cars

Choose Ideal Auto for Used Car In-House Financing Near Bismarck

Ready to buy your next used vehicle with in-house financing near New Town? Rely on Ideal Auto to help! Give us a call at 701-833-5995 with questions or check out our online finance center now for additional information.

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