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Here at Ideal Auto we're always trying to outdo ourselves by providing you superior customer service and an all-around first-rate automotive experience. That extends to every part of the auto-buying process from picking out the perfect model to securing a great rate on used car financing. Reach out at 701-833-5995 if you have any financing-related questions, otherwise read on and then apply for financing online!

Our Online Financing Application Simplifies New & Used Car Financing

Auto financing can seem like such a hassle. There's the anxiety and dread surrounding whether or not you'll be approved to deal with. There's the wonder about what kind of vehicle will fit within your monthly payment budget, and whether that jibes with what features you want. Then, of course, there's the process of actually applying in person, which can seem to take forever. Not at Ideal Auto! Our online financing application makes the whole process simple & transparent.

Bank Financing or Dealership Financing: Which is Better?

Is bank financing or dealership financing better for you? Well here are the main benefits to both options:

  • Benefits of Bank Financing: You may be able to score a low interest rate by shopping around for bank financing, especially if you've been a customer of the bank you apply at for a while. Coming to a dealership with a pre-approval letter can also save time.
  • Benefits of Dealership Financing: Dealership financing basically works the same as bank financing, but instead of you putting in the legwork, the dealer does it for you, saving effort. Sometimes, but not always, dealers include markup in the interest rates it offers. A huge benefit of dealership financing is being able to take advantage of any ongoing manufacturer incentives. Dealerships also often offer bad-credit financing and other flexible options you may not get by shopping around directly for car loan lenders.

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Ready to get into your next used vehicle today near Bismarck or Williston? Apply for financing online now! We offer great rates on used car financing in Minot and would be happy to assist you however possible on your journey towards car ownership.